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What Is FitStickz?

Put as basic as possible: Fitness Simplified.

It’s a new fitness resource with a mix of proven workouts (as well as a growing resource of diet, nutrition, exercise tutorials and much more) all designed with bright colors, funky characters and a dose of fun.

It’s put together to help people new to fitness (as well as the experienced), those who may be intimidated by information overload found on the Internet, or those who are tired of the same old fitness information and are looking for something different.

The big difference that sets FitStickz apart is the requirement to mix color, humor, art, and doodles with proven exercises and workouts that anyone can do, particularly beginners, that leads to them finding health and fitness is not just accessible but fun and enjoyable.

And the foundation of everything here are The New FitStickz Books which we’ll talk about in a moment.


Mission (& A Quick Story):

I believe any person who wants to explore health and fitness and get on a path to changing their body should find all the help and guidance they need.  If you’re willing to start the journey then you deserve help.

When I was a teenager I decided I really wanted to get fit.  Like most young guys I was very interested but also completely confused and had no idea where to start.  This was before the Internet so all I had were magazines and advice from friends just as confused as me.  Then on my Birthday, as I was browsing a newspaper, I found a small ad in the back offering a fitness course.  A light went on… my Birthday money covered the book’s price, and a few days later I almost ripped it out the postman’s hands with excitement.

What I got was a small blue book.

Inside I discovered basic but sensible fitness advice and a whole array of stick figures explaining the exercises.  It was so easy to understand that it gave me confidence.  I followed it and it became the foundation of my interest in health & fitness as well as the starting point of my own personal fitness journey.

I’ve now been involved in the health & fitness industry for around 20 years.  In that time I’ve met many people who were just like me and not sure where or how to begin getting healthy and changing their body. Maybe this was through a mix of fear, confusion or just a lack of understanding – whatever it was I could relate every time.  At the same time I’ve seen friends and others reach sticking points in their current workouts or simply get bored of exercising, even though programs are changed, diets tweaked and progress is usually being made.

It got me wondering a few years ago if there are ways fitness and health can be ‘done differently.’  And that thought stuck.

For most of my life I’ve also had a passion for art and I’ve doodled, sketched, painted and drawn for myself and now my children.  Many times during workout planning I’d jot down simple stick figures to clarify exercise plans or a training structure just like I’d experienced in that small blue book when I was a kid.

One day I had what to me was a breakthrough. 

A new idea came to me:

I’d mix my workouts and fitness plans with my doodles and create a different, quirky and fun way of expressing and sharing health and fitness advice. Inspired by the first exercise book I ever read.

FitStickz became the mix of my passions for art and fitness and allowed me a new project to put together to help anyone who wanted a simple, non-intimidating and fresh way of looking at health and fitness.

This project made sense to me: I’m into training, I love art, I have a desire to help people with a fresh approach to fitness and I wanted to make a difference.  Finally I had a real mission that meant a great deal to me.

So with The FitStickz Project I would offer a fresh fitness approach.  After all, fitness is a journey, something that changes you physically and mentally.  But it should always be fun.  And if something is unique and different we usually tend to remember or appreciate it right?

FitStickz is my way of helping others get fit and smile at the same time by offering my fitness advice (things that have worked for me and my private clients/bootcamps etc) to you in a way that in not, ever, just ‘vanilla’.

If you want to change your body AND appreciate things a little quirky and different, if you enjoy bright colors over black and white text and smile more than you frown then I think you’re in the right place.


Who is FitStickz For?

I’d like to help everyone but I’m sensible enough to know that’s impossible.

But that’s cool.

If you’re a total beginner or advanced it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is you are looking for something different and something simple.  Even though you’ll see bright colors and stick figures these workouts are serious and effective as well as fun.

So if you’re up for that then welcome, I’m excited to help you.


Real Workouts:

I’ve explained how FitStickz is a different approach to fitness but I should mention again that its not just some random exercises and a warm fuzzy feeling.

All that you see here is unique and designed by me.  Alongside that, all the workouts and programs and exercises are tested in my group classes and private session (from beginners to advanced ability levels) as well as on me during my own 20 years training.

Basically I know I can help you and it doesn’t matter where you come from or how experienced you are. All that matters is you’re interested and excited by a different style and approach to health & fitness.

So all in all you can get an idea what FitStickz is right?

Its proven and effective fitness wrapped up in colors, doodles, funky characters and a simple collection of workout plans that I want to share with you to help you on your fitness journey.

If that’s maybe not for you, cool, no worries at all, there’s plenty of other website out there that can probably offer what you want.

But if this is exactly what you’re looking for and you’re excitement radar is spinning, then you’re home!



You can check out the foundation of FitStickz: The Books and what they are all about right here



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