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Blaze Your Own Trail…

The whole FitStickz Brand started with a burning desire I had to create a simple but fun gateway into health and fitness for people who were maybe lost, confused, in need of a different type of fitness guidance or simply just wanted something to help them change their body but at the same time be fun and interesting to them in a different way than other fitness books or tools out there.

I was never going to write another 300 page fitness manual or long blog posts.  I’d done that for a few years and honestly hated it.  I don’t have an interest or desire for writing.  But I love art and doodling, drawing and expressing my ‘things’ with my own particular style and concepts.

I spent a lot of time putting Fitstickz together as my brand and my ‘dream’ to help people by giving them something that I could honestly say was truly unique and importantly something I put 110% of my heart, soul, sweat and tears into.  I could not say that with text books or long blog posts before, something was missing from them so I didn’t want to share anything that was really only 50% or less of ‘me’…It took a while to learn this but I’m glad I did.  I got it.

FitStickz is something I really wanted to do and create for people and could easily spend my life doing.

Sure I could have written quick workouts and slapped them on a blog but instead I sat down for weeks at a time taking the workouts I use and share with clients and began dressing them up in brand new clothes.

Just know that the books you get at FitStickz came about through hours and hours of sketching, doodling, testing, training, laughing, joking, cursing, editing, redo’s, aha moments and a final sense of pure satisfaction that I’d created a valuable tool for you.


This is my way of helping people. And it feels so good to know exactly what I want to do.


It doesn’t ever feel like work even though many people probably think why spend hours, days and weeks creating books when you can write a workout down in minutes.  That thinking doesn’t work for me.

I wanted to simplify fitness for you – ironically the creation side of it is a bit more time consuming but so rewarding to me.

And when all is said and done I hope to show fitness can be both effective and body-altering BUT also fun, non-intimidating and never need to be so serious.

Not Just A Book…

A New Bonus For All FitStickz Books…

Alongside every workout is a brand new Private Video Classroom.


I wanted to add as much value to a simple book as I could.


So as well as unique artwork and a fresh design style I’ve filmed full exercise and workout tutorial videos you can access as a valued customer of FitStickz.

Each classroom covers everything from warm ups to exercise modifications for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced trainees.

I’ve set up a private viewing area for you to access on any mobile device or computer so you can see the workouts and how the exercises should be performed.  These are great for quick reference as well as initial understanding and explanation of each workout and are yours as part of every FitStickz Book.

A Need To Keep Things SIMPLE:

Obviously nowadays we can all find lots of studies and in depth information on the Internet covering any topic we could possibly want to know about.  So there’s no need for me to do the same as thousands before me have and write even more fitness ‘stuff’.

When it comes to my own personal interest for fitness and health I’ve studied a fair amount, read a lot, experienced it and used and tested so much fitness theory on myself and my clients. There’s no need to rewrite it all in my words.  I’d honestly just find that boring.

But what I decided I was going to do was share my findings, workouts, fitness plans and ideas in a very simple and fresh way.  A way that would keep me interested and also – importantly – offer something of use and value that you won’t have seen or owned before.

Starting years back as a basic idea of using doodles and stick men to show clients how exercises are performed instead of through blocks of boring text – FitStickz morphed like a phoenix to became a complete series of workouts that mix humor, cool funky characters, new proven exercises and old classic fitness advice all together into a collection of totally unique body changing workout guide books.

The FitStickz mantra is to help even the most fitness-confused newbie to get on track to a healthier life, head turning body and a clearer understanding of why, how and when to workout. And do this by acting as a fresh doorway to fitness for people who maybe have wanted to get fit and healthy but couldn’t find the type of thing that piqued their interest or offered non-intimidating access to exercise and health.


Everything I do and create for you at FitStickz is done to help any person feel comfortable to work out and leave behind the sense of intimidation, confusion or seriousness that the fitness industry can sometimes portray to many people.


FitStickz books are created so you can experience real proven workouts and fun exercises packaged in bright colors and explained with ‘art’ instead of plain text.

From a fun and quick workout guide for busy people on the go to a beautiful coffee table book for friends and family to browse and get excited  to try. So they too can add fitness into their lives in a simple and non-confusing way.

I hope you like it and I love creating this for you.





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