FitStickz Now on iBooks!

iBooks & FitStickz = A Perfect Match.

I was really excited to optimize FitStickz for iBooks.

The design styling that iBooks Author allows me is truly on another level and I couldn’t wait to get it live in the store.


Mobile & Desktop…

iBooks look amazing on all Apple devices and its great to know my books are now on The iBooks Store after a long redesign period to make them look as good as possible.

I’ve really got a lot of enjoyment viewing iBooks on my mac. But whatever iOS device you have rest assured that the books look great in high res retina resolution.

Check it out and get the app today and grab FitStickz BOOK #1 for FREE today for a limited time!

Get FitStickz for iBooks here…

  1. Simply click the buttons below…

  2. Check out FitStickz Series on iBooks…

  3. View on any Apple device.


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