Equipment for FitStickz…

Some of the FitStickz workouts and fitness books are complete body weight exercises only.

So mostly you will not need equipment.

However, some of the workouts will benefit from some basic equipment (think  exercise bands, push up bars, pull up bars etc).

And others require the use of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells etc which of course you can find in your local gym or maybe you have them in a home gym.

If not I will list some equipment I like and use below so you can check it out:

*But note – you could easily do many of the workouts with only a pull up bar at most. (I use a great one that can simply be put in the door jamb).

** Eventually I hope to help you gain enough confidence with body weight exercises to move into resistance exercises to really take things to the next level.

Check out my recommendations below:

Home Pull Up Bar

A wonderful piece of equipment.  Highly recommended. > CLICK HERE <


Exercise Bands Set

A set of bands so you don’t have to get them separately – different resistances > CLICK HERE <


Push Up Grips

I like these because they allow natural wrist movement and avoid injury or aches. > CLICK HERE <


Exercise Mat

Great for giving support when doing floor exercises. > CLICK HERE <


TRX / Workout Straps

You can see my video here showing how to set up and use workout straps.  These are a SUPERB piece of kit to get for your home gym and can be used for so many exercises. (This shows the TRX version but there are others that do exactly the same) > CLICK HERE <


Dumbbell Weights Set

If you don’t workout in a gym and are looking for some resistance weights / dumbbells then these are a great option and space saver. > CLICK HERE <




These will be a great selection to choose from right now.  *If you have any questions or need other recommendation please contact me.


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