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Using The 5 Best Body Weight Exercises With A Twist…

This fitness ‘tool box’ uncovers the 5 best body weight exercises that you can use anywhere to help you on the journey to your best body.

Learn all about the exercises and how to perform them perfectly anywhere you have a bit of space.  Try them with a special ‘twist’ to make them even more effective.  You’ll also now be able to use any of the 7 BRAND NEW custom workouts designed using these unique exercises…and get your hands on:


  • The ‘5 Best Body Weight Exercises’ Poster Gift
  • The ‘5 Best Body Weight Exercises’ Mobile Wallpaper
  • The Workout Log Books (Bo & Cassie Editions)
  • NEW ‘7 Fat Burning Custom Workouts’ Manual (No gym needed)
  • NEW Video Tutorial Classrooms for all ‘5 Best’ Exercises & Twists
  • NEW Video Tutorial Classrooms for all 7 Custom Workouts
  • Lifetime Free VIP Insiders Club Membership


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Below I have listed all the goodies in your Simplified Fitness Gift Box. Check it all out then click ‘Get My Simplified Fitness Gift Box’:

. The ‘5 Best’ Digital / Print Poster Gift

I created this poster based around unique ‘twists’ you can make to 5 of the best body weight exercises ever. I use these modifications and have made this 300DPI Poster that you can print or view digitally.

This is the foundation of the Simplified Fitness Gift Box and allows you to learn and use these exercises in brand new fast workouts I have designed that can be added to any current workout, FitStickz plan, off day, recovery week etc.

The poster can be sized up to A3 dimensions.

. The ‘5 Best’ Mobile Wallpaper

We all have mobile devices so I made the ‘5 Best’ Poster into a hi res retina wallpaper for your devices.

You can set it as a screen saver or background or both.

There are 2 sizes: one for phone and one for tablet.



. The Simple & Useful Workout Log Book (Limitless)

Ever since I began exercising as a 17 year old I have preferred to record my workouts, progress and results using paper and pen. I personally don’t use an app for this.

I use these simple notebooks daily and also for my clients and bootcamp classes so I thought these would be a great tool for you too. As part of your gift box you get a pdf template for both Bo’s Log Book and Cassie’s Log Book. You simply print out the cover of your choice and then as many inner pages as you want in your log book for your current workout.  You can create new books for each new workout phase of fitness program.

Recording your progress is easy. The FitStickz simple workout journal allows you to track how well your doing.  Most importantly it will surprise you when you look back at completed log books months later to see just how far you’ve come.



. NEW! The 7 Custom Workouts Manual

When I chose my 5 favorite body weight exercises & the ‘twist variations’ I felt it would be really beneficial to give you a series of fast workouts using these exact exercises. Workouts that could be used anywhere.

The exercises are proven to burn the most calories and elevate your body into what’s called EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) that puts your body into ‘fat burning’ mode for up to 48 hours after performing them.

But the exercises alone wont do that. They needed to be combined into effective and user friendly fitness plans. So here you go. This manual can be printed and/or viewed on all mobile devices as your go to ‘quick workouts guide’.

These workouts can be used alongside any workout and FitStickz Book.



. NEW! The 5 Best Body Weight Exercises With A Twist Video Classroom

For all my FitStickz Workout Books I include full Private Video Classrooms. I decided I wanted to do this for your Simplified Fitness Gift Box too.

This way you can watch and learn as we go through all the exercises and the ‘twist’ modifications.

I show you how to change all exercises for beginner to advanced so you can see yourself progress and get stronger and fitter.

The Video Classroom allows you to easily reference every exercise and learn how to do it right anytime you please.


. NEW! The 7 Custom Workouts Video Classroom

After designing and testing the 7 new workouts based around all the exercises and modifications from The 5 Best Body Weight Exercises With a Twist I wanted to create a video classroom you could download, watch online or on your devices to easily see the way to perform the workouts to get the maximum results.

I’ve set up each workout with an introduction and then a quick view video section you can go to anytime that shows the entire workout flow for all 7 workouts.

Now you can see exactly how to do the workouts and understand the way the exercises should be combined to give you maximum results.



. The Most Unique Fitness Community.

Become part of it…The NEW Insider’s Club!

As an ‘Insider’ at FitStickz & FamilyManFitness you’ll get early release news, updates, new workouts and fitness blueprints to use before they are released and a lot more.

Being an Insider allows me to keep in touch and inform you of all the new stuff to make fitness simple, effective, quick and fun for you.

  • New FitStickz character design news
  • Fresh workouts and live exercise videos from me at FamilyManFitness.
  • New book previews
  • Blueprint workouts
  • Early product news
  • Join a growing fitness community of cool, fun people all changing their bodies using simple proven fitness guidance.


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