I’m not a very good writer…


I’m Tristan and I’ve set out on a journey to simplify fitness in a very unique way and help people get fit, healthy and obtain the best body they can with a fresh and totally different approach.

Sometimes fitness can be a confusing world to jump into. It can also be made overly complicated and appear a little intimidating if you’ve never even set foot in a gym or ever lifted a weight.


But the good news is getting into it and making it part of your life can be easier, a lot more fun and totally non-intimidating. And you CAN change your body for good…


I’m a busy dad of 4 little ones as well as a fitness professional. During nap times and evenings/mornings and when I’m not doodling and drawing Peppa Pig or Harry Potter Wizards for my kids, I design, test and develop fresh workouts for my personal clients and bootcamp attendees. These people are busy, time crunched and usually totally new to working out just like you perhaps.

I have a confession: I‘m not a very good writer (probably strange for someone in the Amazon book space). I didn’t really enjoy it as a kid at school and I get bored easily if I have to simply ‘write’ about fitness or anything (I will do Birthday cards however…). But, I’ve always loved drawing, doodling, sketching and anything where I could express myself through art.


Through my books I’ve blended my love for fitness and art to create a totally different fitness series designed to present proven body changing workouts in a completely different style.


I hope my books can open the doors to the world of fitness to you and do so in a simple, entertaining and non-intimidating way while still providing you with very exciting and challenging fitness plans that will work your body perfectly and get you onto a lifelong fitness journey that is enjoyable and gives you the results you want.

Ok, so next:

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And I’ve also added a bit more in-depth bio of me here if you want to learn a bit more about my journey to America from a small village in England.

And if you have any questions just drop me a line 🙂

Cheers and best wishes,



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